How the Cloud Impacts your Brand and Business Credibility

February 28, 2019 / ddubie

Brand and business credibility are two of the most talked about factors that result in business building. Consumers are bombarded daily with millions of brands. Thus, it is significant for companies to understand how to build brand and business credibility in the midst of customers.

New entrants into the market who plan to have a pure e-commerce approach has humongous benefits in building a “digital-first business from scratch, by adopting a new cloud IT system and constructing their business around it,” according to Brand Quarterly. Brick-and-mortar retailers who are shifting into the digital era find a great challenge in legacy technology, having found it profoundly beneficial compared to legacy systems which are becoming increasingly challenging to manage and maintain.

Accenture reports that IT and retail executives have foreseen the pace of technology starting from 2016. Businesses must be flexible and must adapt by updating technology regularly to be at par with their business rivals. The costs in changing legacy systems are high, yet, the savings will be felt through reduced manpower, low-cost upgrades, and operational costs.

Cloud backs up big time

Computer crashes are almost inevitable. When this occurs, a person usually feels horrible as he recalls the time and effort spent in creating that important document. The great news is that large amounts of work done can be retrieved in cloud drives. Thus, if there are computer crashes, an employee can simply retrieve his documents by logging onto his or her account through a tablet, desktop, or a laptop. The most recent version of the document is then loaded into the endpoint as saved from the cloud.

The Guardian reports that, “Amazon posted a record profit of $2.5bn in the second quarter of 2018, thanks to strong performance by the retail giant’s non-retail divisions – advertising and cloud-computing.”

Small and medium-based enterprises increase revenue through the cloud

Trackvia shows an MYOB report that 53 percent of SMBs who utilize the cloud have increased their revenues in the past year. More than 1,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises were the respondents of the survey. The advantage of using the cloud provides “freedom to work anywhere at any time, to be with your customers, partners and suppliers while still enjoying a connection to the office.”

The technology brought about by the cloud has great influence and impact on different industries. With its advantages in increasing revenues to companies as well as protecting brand and business credibility, the shift from a traditional way of doing business is worth the investment.


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