Win Back Customers, Revisit Their Journey with You

In the event that we lose valued customers, where do we look to find out where things went wrong?

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Allow us to humor you for a minute with this skit from our friends at Pegasystems:

So yeah maybe that’s a little over-the-top. But if it’s funny, it’s only because the experience feels oddly familiar. Most of us have at least a horror story to tell about bad customer service.


Where Did We Go Wrong?

Businesses that have shifted their focus away from their customers rarely invest in technologies that will improve the quality of their interactions with them. Unhelpful customer support, inaccurate customer data, and feedback delays–to name a few–are the disappointing experiences that usually begin this downward spiral. In the end, irate customers just walk out the door.

When they do, the one question we should be asking ourselves is:

Are there specific steps in our customers’ journey when we tend to lose them?

This question begs several other questions, such as: Have you defined your customers’ journey? Do you have a process of tagging your customers and where they are in this journey? Should you want to study a particular case, are all of the customers’ data available and retrievable?


CRM Brings You Back to the Buyer’s Journey

No business should be groping in the dark about their customers. Unless you have a handle on your customers’ data, you will have no way of understanding them, let alone begin to think of how you can improve their experiences.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is designed to make businesses smarter and more efficient in this aspect. CRM solutions consolidate all your customers’ information, needs, and transaction history all in one place so that key departments in your organization always know how they are doing in your customers’ journey. Through the help of CRM tools that deliver clear insight into the numbers, you can skip the guessing game and go straight to patching the cracks in your pipeline before it’s too late.

Explore what CRM can do for your business and find out if your organization is ripe for this strategic shift. Download the When Do You Need CRM e-book and find out how you can put the focus back where it should be—your customers.