Meet the Strongest CRM Players: Expert Insights from the CRM Market Evaluation Guide

This tool is going to to help you weigh CRM contenders and get expert advice on how to choose a solution for your business.

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Companies that focus on  ensuring a positive customer experience know that trust and loyalty gained as a result are gems worth keeping. These companies invest heavily in CRM tools that allow them to win, delight, and keep customers through thoughtful and deliberate management of customer interactions.

If your company is currently evaluating CRM vendors or is interested in introducing upgrades and modifications to your existing CRM tools, then this Technology Value Matrix by Nucleus Research (evaluation tool)  is your jump-off point.

The CRM Technology Value Matrix serves as an evaluation tool that will help you:

  1. Gauge which types of software upgrades will work best for your organization.
  2. Examine the usability and functionality of solutions that support the various aspects that are integral to CRM, including sales, marketing, and customer service.
  3. Evaluate how your current software stands up against current market conditions.

Analyze the pros and cons of maintaining your current solution versus implementing a newer solution.